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A Runway Show That Ditches the Runway and Isn’t Really a Show

“There was no sense of, ‘We have to tell this narrative,’” Mr. Millepied mentioned. “We were creating a mood that worked with that score, that space, that dark mystery, and doing something that had a good structure and showed everybody off.”

Mr. Wainwright mentioned, “The messaging here, seeing and not seeing things, is a reference to people living through their phones these days. This singular vision of seeing the world through a screen. Life’s much more interesting than that. Life’s much more than a two-dimensional screen.”

This was once no longer Rag & Bone’s first foray into filmmaking. Along with greater than two dozen different video tasks, Rag & Bone Films has produced “Hair,” a comedic improvised brief starring John Turturro and Bobby Cannavale that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival closing yr, and a 2015 noir-style movie about a motive force in New York, that includes Michael Pitt and Astrid Berges Frisbey.

But the scale of ability and effort concerned with the Greenpoint manufacturing was once unparalleled for the corporate. The movie’s 3 largest stars — Mr. Elgort, Ms. Mara and the dancer Kandi Reign — are celebrities. Mr. Elgort not too long ago shifted clear of his “Fault in Our Stars” teenager fan base as the celebrity of the movie “Babydriver,” Ms. Mara is very best referred to as the unrelenting journalist in “House of Cards,” and Ms. Reign has toured with Chance the Rapper and Young Thug, amongst others.

Asked how Rag & Bone landed them, together with Mr. Millepied, Mr. Wainwright mentioned: “We’re just really nice.” He added, “You can pay somebody through the nose to do something they don’t want to do, or you can come up with something incredibly inspiring that they do want to do, and that was our approach.”

For Mr. Wainwright, the effort and price are value it. “These things need to be able to stand alone,” he mentioned. “They’re not fashion films, they’re not styled as fashion films, they’re not planned as fashion films. They’re films we provide the wardrobe for.”

The garments are there, they’re colourful and trendy, and they seem purposeful (and a number of ballet dancers mentioned they have been extra relaxed in the footwear and garments than they might be of their same old costumes). But they're under no circumstances the center of attention.

Mr. Wainwright is okay with that. “It was never about the clothes,” he mentioned. “Very few of the things we do are about the clothes. Rag & Bone is an apparel brand, but I think it’s a brand that stands for a point of view rather than a specific look.”

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