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10 Vegan Lipstick Brands That Still Deliver Bold Color

Making the transfer to cruelty-free make-up can get somewhat overwhelming, particularly in the case of working out which manufacturers are animal-friendly.  That’s why we’re on a venture to simplify the hunt by way of rounding up our favourite cruelty-free attractiveness bag necessities like make-up wipes, mascara and make-up brushes. The easy-to-remember trick to realizing ...

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19 Cats That Are Actually You

“It me(ow).” — You. This cat is you when you have not had your espresso: imgur.com / Via reddit.com This cat is you while you get stuck snooping: imgur.com / Via reddit.com This cat is you when you find yourself feeling your self: imgur.com / Via reddit.com This cat is ...

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Pancake-Craving Dog Accidentally Starts House Fire

A golden retriever’s craving for pancakes led to a house fire in Southwick, Massachusetts. Surveillance video shows the dog walking over to a kitchen stove while its family is away. The animal can be seen getting on its hind legs and scarfing down what were reportedly leftover pancakes still on the ...

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