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Jane Birkin on Love, Life and Serge Gainsbourg’s Classical Roots

He wrote for me from 1968 till the day he died [in 1991]. They’re now not at all times essentially the most widely known, the songs that I sang, however they’re some of the most lovely. And essentially the most tear-jerky, in some way, was once after I left him. Why he went on asking me to interpret the songs that I had impressed I don’t know — however most likely he knew that I’d be trustworthy a minimum of to that.

The concept of taking the songs — that are so rooted in numerous kinds, from pop to chanson to yé-yé to reggae — and making them orchestral sounds counterintuitive. But I perceive classical tune was once vital to him. How so?

Numerous the songs he wrote, now not just for me however for others, had been from classical tune. So “Jane B.” was once Chopin.

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Daniil Trifonov - Prelude No. four in E minor - Chopin (Official Video) Video via Deutsche Grammophon

Whenever he sought after to offer us one thing truly gorgeous, he from time to time wrote it on classical tune — most likely out of a type of modesty, of at all times being so admiring of classical paintings that in some way he sought after to offer us the most efficient. From his pianist days — he was once a pianist at a bar in Le Touquet [a seaside town in northern France], and his father was once a classical musician — it was once from his upbringing that he knew such a lot about classical tune. Brahms was once “Baby Alone in Babylone.”

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Did he pay attention to a lot classical tune?

He did when his mom died. He had bouts of short of to be unhappy, and then he would put on classical tune. Glenn Gould he at all times had below his elbow. And he had, on his little desk, an image of Chopin, and Chopin’s hand.


Gainsbourg and Ms. Birkin at house in Paris.

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Is it more difficult or more effective to sing songs that had been written for you, that will have to deliver up such a lot of reminiscences?

When he first gave them to me, they had been private — and then I used to be now not essentially the most efficient receiver. I from time to time idea that he had a hidden message. And, in truth, after I pay attention to the phrases now, they’re much more gorgeous than I understood then. Many unhappy issues have came about now, like Kate [one of her daughters, who died in 2013]. So if I call to mind anything else, I from time to time call to mind her.

It sounds as though this venture had its roots in that tragedy.

I wasn’t superb on my very own. I didn’t know what to do. I spotted the significance of going into folks’s lives, of going to the cinema — I’d from time to time see 3, 4 movies an afternoon, from time to time see two, 3 performs every week. To perceive folks’s tales, to not take into accounts your self such a lot. It is helping, folks’s tales. Somehow making a song Serge’s songs, and realizing that folks would have reminiscences, more than likely about after I sang them first, that’s quite great.


The couple in Cannes. Even after their breakup, Ms. Birkin persevered to sing the songs he wrote for her in her subtle, susceptible voice.

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What was once it like recording a sexually charged tune like “Je T’Aime … Moi Non Plus,” realizing it was once written for Gainsbourg’s ex, Brigitte Bardot, who didn't need their recording of it launched as a result of she was once married to anyone else? Was that bizarre?

No, no — I didn’t need any one else to sing it! Serge rang me up years after that and he mentioned, “I’ve got some bad news for you.” And I mentioned: “What? Say it quickly, then.” And he mentioned, “Brigitte’s been on the phone and she wants to bring out ‘Je T’Aime’ — her version.” I take note pondering that that was once rather simply and right kind, as it was once her tune. I nonetheless to find her model very troubling — it’s an exquisite and stunning model — so, if anything else, I've to thank her for now not short of it to come back out.

I perceive you intend to submit your diaries?

Yes, I’m seeking to translate them into French, even now. There are humorous issues, captivating issues with Serge — however beautiful miserable private stuff. It was once a lot more about how disheartened I used to be, of now not being beautiful.

From the out of doors having a look in, that’s laborious to consider. Few other people were extra glamorous, or extra universally regarded as gorgeous.

I realize it will have to be disturbing when other people say that — I’ve examine truly gorgeous other people pronouncing, “Well, I didn’t think I was much,” and I believe, “Oh God, with looks like that, I could have sunk a ship.” It’s true that if you happen to’re now not with the individual you're keen on, and they’re now not having a look at you, then it doesn’t subject what you appear to be.

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