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Jeb Bush: Trump’s personality, White House chaos has made it hard for him to succeed

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush mentioned that President Trump’s personality may jeopardize his luck in place of work.

“The character of the guy and the [turnover] and fighting, and just the constant chaos around his presidency that is self-inflicted has made it hard for him,” the Florida Republican informed USA Today in an interview printed Friday. “I want the president to succeed. I don’t think think he will succeed if he continues on this path.”

The paper quotes Mr. Bush as characterizing positive feedback Mr. Trump made as “racist,” however does now not make it transparent what feedback specifically he was once referring to.

Mr. Bush mentioned that one of the president’s coverage selections, such because the tax reform plan, might be just right for incumbent Republicans having a look on the midterm combat q4. But he mentioned that if the race turns into about Mr. Trump, then the ones in Congress can have a difficult combat forward of them.

“If the election is nationalized and it’s not about the economy, then we’ll lose,” Mr. Bush mentioned. “If it’s about the economy and it’s driven by state or district interest, incumbents can do well.”

Mr. Bush additionally knocked Sen. Marco Rubio, his former protege in Florida politics, for his loss of management at the immigration debate.

“God forbid you actually took on something that was controversial and paid a political price,” Mr. Bush mentioned. “That’s the attitude in D.C. right now. Certainly Sen. Rubio is no different in that regard. Marco is a talented guy and he understands this issue really well, and maybe behind the scenes he’s working hard. But at some point, his leadership would be really helpful.”


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