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Kevin Nicholson’s parents max out donations to Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin Senate race

The parents of a Republican U.S Senate candidate have donated 1000's of greenbacks to the Democratic girl he is making an attempt to usa.

The parents of Kevin Nicholson, who introduced in July that he would run for the Wisconsin seat held by means of Sen. Tammy Baldwin, have since donated the utmost quantity allowed to Ms. Baldwin.

According a Baldwin-campaign submitting with the Federal Election Commission, CNN reported Monday night time, Donna and Michael Nicholson every gave the federal restrict of $2,700 to Ms. Baldwin’s crusade in December.

The more youthful Mr. Nicholson introduced he used to be operating in July.

Mr. Nicholson has lengthy stated coming from a circle of relatives of Democrats and stated in a observation to CNN that the donations are unsurprising.

“My parents have a different worldview than I do, and it is not surprising that they would support a candidate like Tammy Baldwin who shares their perspective,” he stated.

The present Republican-primary candidate used to be a Democrat himself as a more youthful guy, being the president of the College Democrats of America in 2000.

But “I’m a conservative today not because I was born one, but because of the experience I earned as a Marine in combat, my experience as a husband and father, my choice to be a Christian, the schools I chose to attend and the decision to pursue the career that I have,” he advised CNN.

When the problem of his political conversion got here up ultimate fall, he advised Politico that he definitively left the Democratic Party on account of the birthday celebration’s behavior all over the career of Iraq, which he stated left him “livid.”

“I knew what we were doing there,” he stated of his 2007 deployment to Iraq. “We were stabilizing that country. We made incredible amounts of progress. And what I was hearing back home was a complete and absolute lie, as politicians were running around calling it a failure.”

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