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Louie Gohmert: FBI agents who presented FISA warrant should be jailed

Rep. Louie Gohmert stated Wednesday that the FBI agents who presented the guidelines to acquire a FISA warrant on positive Trump marketing campaign aides should be in prison.

“The judge should be livid in the fact that these guys didn’t go to jail for contempt. And there are a couple kinds of contempt. You can have a contempt where a judge has a hearing, sort out the facts, but if a fraud is presented to the court and the courts manipulate, you don’t have to have a hearing,” Mr. Gohmert, Texas Republican, stated on Fox News.

“And these people should be in jail for what they did,” he added.

According to a not too long ago launched Republican memo, the pass judgement on who granted the warrants underneath the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act didn't know the guidelines presented originated from an unverified file sponsored through the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton. A brand new Democratic memo, which has now not been publicly launched, reportedly refutes a few of this declare.

But Mr. Gohmert stated the justice device has transparent political bias.

“And clearly the FBI covered for Hillary Clinton, the DOJ covered for Hillary Clinton, and we have got to get the facts out,” he stated.


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