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Paramore stars in a demented morning show in the video for Rose-Colored Boy

Every week, a slew of latest track movies hits the internet. Watching them at your table isn't time robbery since you deserve it; recall to mind it as a great praise for surviving every other paintings week. But what for those who don’t have time to look at each and every video — perhaps you've a cut-off date, a hungry puppy, or different grown-up issues. In attention of your agenda, Lizzie and Kaitlyn convey you a collection known as One Video. Each week we’ll let you know “one video” you wish to have to look at, why, and for how lengthy.

This week’s video: “Rose-Colored Boy” by way of Paramore

As you realize, you most effective get to look at one track video this week and you wish to have to select in moderation. Let’s see. MGMT “pretending” to “steal” a track by way of Filipino band Truefaith? Very complicated. A 2nd, non-Snapchat video for “Wait” by way of Maroon five, and in this one Adam Levine reportedly will get “punched into a coffin?” Uh, ok no matter. Kendrick Lamar and SZA selling Black Panther in a collection of regularly extra otherworldly and astounding outfits and backdrops? Yes, however who has the time to sit down round for 3 hours to get well from its splendor. Sting and Shaggy doing one thing in combination for no explanation why in any respect? Come on!

There’s no wish to faux to be proud of alternatives like those, and there’s no wish to faux to feel free in common, which is what brings us to this week’s One Video pick out: a Paramore video about how girls are anticipated to faux to feel free.

Who is Paramore?

Paramore is a once-pop-punk, now mostly-just-pop band from Tennessee. Originally a Christian band, they have been ousted by way of their Christian fanbase in 2009 when lead singer Hayley Williams wrote the lyric “The truth never set me free / so I did it myself.” This was once perceived as a slight in opposition to Jesus, who's ceaselessly referred to in the Bible as “the truth.” Hmm.

Their most up-to-date album, After Laughter, got here out in May 2017 and featured a collection of ‘80s-pop-inspired songs about the challenges of being famous from a young age, dealing with everyone else’s over-the-top obsessions along with your bodily look, and being compelled to behave satisfied while you’re suffering with melancholy. At the time, Williams gave a remarkably candid interview to The Fader’s Alex Frank, in which she instructed him, “For the first time in my life, there wasn’t a pinhole of light at the end of the tunnel... I don’t think I understood how dangerous hopelessness is.”

She is so talented and beneficiant, however I’m hesitant to name her a hero as a result of she has particularly requested me to not. On the After Laughter track “Idle Worship,” she instructs her lovers: “Don’t hold your breath, I never said I’d save you, honey.” Which is truthful! She didn’t. I like and admire her, however will check out to not challenge my needs onto her occupation or individual.

What’s particular about “Rose-Colored Boy” by way of Paramore:

“Rose-Colored Boy” is ready at a pretend morning show from the ‘80s, which is particular as it calls to thoughts the all-time vintage journalism film Broadcast News — a 1987 masterpiece starring Holly Hunter as a girl who's good, bold, honorable, and repeatedly sabotaged by way of males who're mediocre both in their brains or in their spirits.

It additionally options “Bogie the Dog,” whose profession is “Weather Predictor.”

It additionally options Hayley Williams, acting as a girl who is anticipated to put on a restrictive purple lace turtleneck and bring TV segments about domesticity, when she would a lot fairly shout and rip one arm off of her blazer. The boys in her band are in the video, too, however I already forgot what they have been doing.

How lengthy everybody will have to watch “Rose-Colored Boy” by way of Paramore:

Watch the complete factor and don’t learn the YouTube feedback. No offense, however for those who’re going to have a look at Hayley Williams in any respect, you higher take a look at her the complete time she is speaking to you.

Also, pay attention to what she’s pronouncing! Here, I’ll print a few of it verbatim to make it more straightforward:

You say “We gotta look on the bright side”

I say “Well maybe if you wanna go blind”

You say my eyes are getting too darkish now

But boy, you ain’t ever observed my thoughts

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