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Queens Museum Report Says Former Director ‘Misled the Board’

The record, alternatively, means that Ms. Raicovich used to be requested to renounce particularly on account of the Israel incident. Last summer season, the museum gave the impression to cancel after which, after accusations of anti-Semitism, reinstate an match backed by way of the Israeli govt. Councilman Rory I. Lancman accused Ms. Raicovich of anti-Semitism and known as for her elimination.

The Israel match — to rejoice the 70th anniversary of the United Nations vote organising the State of Israel — came about at the museum in November and featured Vice President Mike Pence.

Ms. Raicovich had stated that the board’s determination referring to the Israel match merely needed to do with the museum’s insurance policies on renting out its area. Kristian Nammack, a trustee at the museum, resigned ultimate month, mentioning his sadness with the board’s determination to permit the match.

But the record stated that Ms. Raicovich “showed immediate hostility to hosting the event at the museum even before consulting with the board and then, together with Mr. Strauss, sought reasons why the board should not agree to the event.”

Ms. Raicovich stated she used to be most effective fascinated with “operations and security issues” surrounding the match, and that she seen Mr. Pence’s involvement as “problematic for the museum.”

The record additionally discusses a 2017 guide, “Assuming Boycott,” that Ms. Raicovich edited with Kareem Estefan and Carin Kuoni. It comprises essays strongly supportive of the boycott, divestment and sanctions motion, referred to as B.D.S., which is very important of the State of Israel.

“Ms. Raicovich did not disclose her involvement in the book to the board,” the record stated, “even though (1) the book prominently identifies her as director of the museum, (2) the foreword she co-wrote states that the goals discussed in the book are ‘complemented by programs, exhibitions and educational initiatives’ at the museum, (3) she paid one of the co-editors for his work on the book with museum funds, (4) she placed the book for sale in the museum’s gift shop.”

Ms. Raicovich stated she had seen the fee, $four,000 to Mr. Estefan, as suitable, given the guide’s focal point on artists, and had reimbursed the museum after the factor used to be raised together with her. The museum stated it won this fee on Tuesday.

In reaction to the record’s findings, Councilman Lancman stated in a phone interview: “The leader of this museum is supposed to represent the values of Queens but also represent to the world our values. This is just a breathtaking breach of that responsibility.”

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