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Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Donald Trump wasn’t equating MS-13 with Dreamers in speech

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated Wednesday that President Trump was once no longer talking in “code” about Dreamers when discussing MS-13 gang individuals in his State of the Union cope with.

Mr. Trump won grievance for regarding MS-13 gang individuals who killed two teenage women from New York as “unaccompanied alien minors.” Some, like Sen. Kamala Harris of California, took that as a connection with Dreamers — those that have been dropped at the U.S. illegally as kids — and stated it was once offensive to color all of them as criminals.

“There was no code. The president could not have been more clear. He has laid out exactly what he wants to see in an immigration reform plan. All of the things he has laid out are things Democrats have supported,” Mrs. Sanders stated on CNN.

The White House press secretary stated it's going to be as much as Democrats to make a decision in the event that they “love America more than they hate this president” and are available in combination on immigration and different problems.

When requested if she concept Democrats regarded specifically dissatisfied right through the speech, she stated they at all times seem that method, appearing a bitterness she sees embedded in the celebration.

“I think [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi looks like that all the time,” Mrs. Sanders defined.

“She seems to embody the bitterness that belongs in the Democratic Party right now,” she added.



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