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‘Saturday Night Live’: Trump Calls In to ‘Fox & Friends’

Gardner congratulated Baldwin at the fresh State of the Union cope with, gushing, “Your speech was maybe the best speech in the history of this country.”

Baldwin responded, “You know a lot of people are saying, including Paul Ryan, that it was better than Martin Luther King’s ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ speech.”

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In different memorable moments from this episode:

Historical Rivalry of the Week

Video by way of Saturday Night Live

“Saturday Night Live” delved extra deeply into historical past — America’s and its personal — in a pre-Super Bowl caricature set on the Second Continental Congress in 1775 and that includes the previous “S.N.L.” solid participants Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey.

Informed that the colonists have simply received the Battle of Bunker Hill, a delegate performed by way of Beck Bennett sighed, “Now we have to hear the boasting of the Patriots of New England.” Enter a rowdy contingent of braggadocious colonial varieties, together with Portman, Dratch and Moffat, who recounted the victory. “We get pushed back way behind our line, like 40 yards,” he mentioned in a thick New England accessory. “But our guy, Captain Thomas Brady, he’s got like the best cannon and we come back like we always do.”

Not to be outdone, Fey and the forged participants Kenan Thompson and Mikey Day strode into the room because the Philadelphia delegation, vowing that they too had victory of their points of interest. “So grease up them poles ’cause Philly’s gonna win and then one of these guys is going to punch a police horse,” Fey mentioned.

Explaining why they known themselves with Eagles — the crew that may face the New England Patriots on the Super Bowl on Sunday — Fey mentioned, “We Philadelphians are swift, we are deadly, and our eyes are all a little too close together.”

‘Weekend Update’ Riffs of the Week

Video by way of Saturday Night Live

Recapping the talk surrounding a partisan memo launched by way of House Republicans, the “Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost mentioned:

This memo got here from 40-year-old virgin Devin Nunes, who's chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. I’ve were given to say, I don’t actually consider this man to untangle a limiteless conspiracy. I wouldn’t actually consider him to untangle a couple of headphones. Now I’m attempting to put myself in his footwear, and it’s lovely simple as a result of his footwear are Velcro. But I don’t actually know the way any of that is necessary, so I’m simply going to deal with this memo like each different memo I’ve gained at paintings and fully forget about it. At this level, when you if truth be told need to get my consideration, the bar is ready at ‘Porn star spanks president with magazine.’ Also, this can be a four-page memo that simply cherry-picks knowledge from a FISA record that’s like 50 or 60 pages lengthy. It’s like while you see a blurb for ‘Transformers 5,’ and it says, ‘It blew my mind,’ when the entire quote is, ‘It blew my mind that God allowed this.’”

Mr. Jost’s co-anchor, Michael Che, persevered: “First of all, you know damn well Donald Trump didn’t read this memo. It’s four pages long. And the only time Donald Trump reads four pages in a row is when he’s ordering breakfast.”

First Ladies Gathering of the Week

Video by way of Saturday Night Live

Portman reprised her position as Jacqueline Kennedy (as noticed in Pablo Larraín’s 2016 movie “Jackie”) in a caricature the place she gives recommendation to Melania Trump (Cecily Strong), who's hesitating about attending the State of the Union. Speaking in damaged English, Strong requested, “How can I be good first lady when Donald make it so hard?”

Portman responded, “All first ladies have a platform. Yours is bullying, mine was little hats. Your approval rating is through the roof.”

Strong replied, “Yes, yes, people like me because they’re like, ‘That lady look how I feel.’”

Stick round for added appearances from the previous first women Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon), Michelle Obama (Leslie Jones) and, for some explanation why, an ax-wielding Martha Washington (Aidy Bryant).

Unlikely Double Act of the Week

In a deskside phase on “Weekend Update,” Strong and McKinnon performed the French actresses Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot, attempting to say sorry for any misunderstandings after their denunciation of the #MeToo motion. At least, Strong was once attempting to provide an explanation for herself, whilst the extra eccentric McKinnon dug herself into deeper and deeper holes.

Strong defined, “It’s important in France to question, to debate, to challenge popular opinion. Me, I don’t want romance to die. But me, if I went too far or hurt any woman, that was absolutely not my intention.”

McKinnon added, “And me, I stand by everything I have said. And I will double down. Free Harvey Weinstein!”

Callback to 2006 of the Week

Video by way of Saturday Night Live

Revisiting a viral phase she starred in right through her ultimate “S.N.L.” look 12 years in the past, Portman as soon as once more solid stereotypes apart and performed herself as a foul-mouthed and violent rapper. There’s little or no we will be able to safely reproduce right here from her 2018 replace in this regimen, however we can let you know it options her as a gun-wielding Queen Amidala from “Star Wars,” and there’s a cameo from the “S.N.L.” alum Andy Samberg. (He and his collaborators in the Lonely Island helped make the unique video.)

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