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Secret of Mana PS4 Remake: 8 Big Changes Not Found in the SNES Original


The occasions they're a changin.'

This yr marks the 25th anniversary of Secret of Mana, the colourful and dynamic Super Nintendo RPG that is still close to and costly to many an old-school JRPG lovers's hearts.

Though the authentic identify gained an enhanced port for iOS in 2010 and Android in 2014, writer Square Enix determined to reintroduce the sport to outdated and new avid gamers alike with a right kind remake for PC, PS4, and Vita – one that is still trustworthy to its roots whilst including a couple of adjustments to make it extra obtainable to fashionable avid gamers. Below is a handy guide a rough roundup of some of the greatest adjustments no longer discovered in the authentic SNES identify. It's out February 15.


The 2D sprites and 16-bit graphics from the authentic were swapped out for three-D fashions, giving the sport a extra fashionable appear and feel.

Voice Over

If you have ever puzzled what the the 3 intrepid heroes of Secret of Mana sound like, surprise not more. Thanks to the addition of fully-voiced discussion, you'll be able to now listen Randi, Poipoi, and Primm speak about their adventures in English or Japanese. Even NPCs have discovered their voice.

Newly Arranged Score

Whenever any individual mentions Secret of Mana, it’s a positive guess they’ll convey up its breathtaking soundtrack. You can nonetheless concentrate to the authentic ranking if you are feeling nostalgic, however now you could have the choice of taking note of completely new preparations of loved classics like "Fear of the Heavens" and "Into the Thick of It."

Hot Keys

The handy menu rings are again, however now you'll be able to assign guns, pieces, or magic to the L and R buttons on the PS4, which makes converting ways on the fly a lot more uncomplicated. Or, you'll be able to simply persist with your at hand Mana Sword. Take that, pesky Rabites!

More AI Options

The AI settings to your travelling partners had been lovely restricted again in the day. Now, alternatively, you could have a couple of extra choices: you'll be able to both have your partners assault the similar enemy as the persona you are controlling, or have them goal other enemies surrounding you. You too can have your  friends energy up their assaults when you are on the offensive.

Auto Save

Long in the past, the most effective method to save your sport was once to discover a service provider situated in random spaces or keep at an inn. Now a at hand auto-save spares you the ache of having to retrace your steps for those who and your pals abruptly kick the bucket right through an stumble upon with werewolves who know kung-fu.

Mini Maps

If you one way or the other overlooked a bit of picket signal telling you the place to move, it was once lovely simple to get grew to become round in Secret of Mana. In the remake, lovers now have get admission to to a mini map, which makes it more uncomplicated to get your bearings.

DLC Content

If you pre-order the Secret of Mana remake on PS4 and Vita, you can get particular DLC costumes and PSN avatars. (Pre-ordering on Steam will grant you get admission to to big costumes and customized downloadable wallpaper.) This was once certainly no longer a function again in 1993.

Meghan Sullivan is IGN's principal JRPG skilled. Talk JRPGs and WWE along with her on Twitter at @Meghan_IGN.

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