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That Time the C.I.A. Tried to Recruit Me: Our Reporter on Covering Spies

It is a extraordinary energy of American democracy, even by way of Western requirements, that newshounds are empowered by way of the First Amendment to pry into even the maximum safe executive secrets and techniques with, normally talking, little to concern. Skulking round the secret international over the years, I interviewed William Colby, the retired C.I.A. director, no longer lengthy earlier than he took a canoe commute on the Chesapeake Bay from which he would by no means go back. I used to be amongst the first newshounds to get within the Ok.G.B. headquarters in Moscow throughout a short lived experiment in glasnost. I traveled to Switzerland to know how American intelligence had infiltrated a Swiss corporate that provided encryption machines to many nations.

I used to be detained by way of the N.S.A.’s police pressure whilst peering via a fence, attempting to determine what the eavesdroppers did the place. I took a pleasure journey with a former C.I.A. pilot who rolled his little airplane and flew it the other way up till I confident him I used to be inspired along with his talents.

And there were darkish moments: I watched a former intelligence officer who had helped me with a couple of tales, and who individually had published not anything that might hurt nationwide safety, pass to jail for disclosing categorised knowledge.

Many newshounds have such secret agent tales, and other people like to listen them. What is the common attraction of spying? What makes it such wealthy fodder for fiction and flicks?

Part of it's natural Walter Mitty — we envy those that pass incognito to thieve secrets and techniques or meddle in political views. After staring at a Jason Bourne impressive or studying a singular by way of Graham Greene or John le Carré, who amongst us does no longer play with the concept that the headlights in the rearview replicate are tailing us, or spot the absolute best position for a lifeless drop in the alley in the back of the place of work?

To money in on such well-liked attraction, former intelligence officials steadily go over into secret agent fiction — Greene and le Carré each served in MI6. Jason Matthews, who retired as a C.I.A. operations officer, has simply finished a best-selling trilogy of secret agent novels, and a film based totally on his first e-book, “Red Sparrow,” is ready to debut.

Entertainment exaggerates, in fact, even if it’s created by way of genuine spies. On the FX display “The Americans,” created by way of a former C.I.A. officer, the photogenic Elizabeth and Philip infrequently get via an episode with out a automobile chase and a homicide or two. By distinction, their real-life opposite numbers, the Russian sleeper brokers who spent years residing in the United States earlier than their splashy arrests in 2010, have been notable basically for his or her unremarkable suburban lives. They appeared to have achieved little past mixing in.


Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as the Russian sleeper brokers Elizabeth and Philip Jennings in the FX display “The Americans,” created by way of a former C.I.A. officer.

Frank Ockenfels/FX

Reporters and spooks have an not likely skilled kinship. Both spend their days attempting to acquire knowledge, by way of speaking to the individuals who have it or getting hang of paperwork that expose it. Spies have their brokers to safeguard; we have now our assets to give protection to. In fresh years even the generation has begun to merge, as newshounds shift to encrypted e mail and protected apps like Signal to go away a much less obtrusive path for leak investigators.

But the variations between us are way more profound. The spies hoard knowledge for the energy it confers. We post what we discover out — and what we discover out is steadily about the spies’ doubtful operations, moral lapses or covered-up screw ups. That’s the nature of reports.

From time to time, I've puzzled about that bizarre letter. What if I’d long gone to the interview at Langley? What if I’d joined that secret international? There would were the pride of witnessing, relatively than having to pry unfastened, what the companies are up to.

But I’ve by no means regretted opting for the better-lit aspect of democracy over the darkish aspect. Spying on the spies is a distinctly American activity, and a pleasing one for a journalist.

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