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This gadget lets you scratch and play vinyl without a needle

French corporate MWM has introduced a new product referred to as Phase that sits to your turntable and permits you to DJ vinyl without the usage of a needle. Phase wirelessly interprets a report’s actions into timecode, which will then be learn by way of Digital Vinyl System (DVS) tool like Serato and Traktor.

Debuted at this 12 months’s NAMM display, Phase is a pair of small rectangle-shaped transmitters with sticky bottoms that you affix to the highest of a piece of vinyl. As a report performs or is scratched Phase’s sensors ship details about those actions to a receiver, which is attached to each the DJ tools and your computer operating the DJ tool. This permits you to play and scratch track the use of turntables without the usage of a needle and tonearm. The corporate says it's the use of a proprietary manner of wi-fi communique based totally upon radio frequency, no longer Bluetooth as many speculated.

Phase schematicsPhase schematics

Image: MWM

Vinyl DJs that play with DVS tool generally use information that experience timecode on them, no longer track. Tracks are loaded onto digital decks within the tool, which will then be managed and bodily manipulated with the vinyl. This preserves the herbal really feel of DJing with turntables, but it surely doesn’t get rid of the pitfalls that include it. Turntables and needles will also be fussy, particularly in a membership atmosphere. Rumble from loud bass could make a tonearm jitter, mud stuck beneath a needle may cause skips, or there will also be the fear about anyone bodily bumping into the turntable and making the stylus bounce.

Throughout NAMM, MWM had a number of turntablists carry out routines the use of Phase, and there seemed to be no rapid discernible latency, even with fast, difficult actions. It’s in reality somewhat suave, no longer simply because it solves a lot of inherent issues of turntable use in golf equipment, however as a result of it could actually simply be delivered to gigs, is appropriate with any turntable, doesn’t require the usage of particular timecode vinyl, and additionally manner DJs don’t must improve or substitute the turntables they have already got at house.

There also are a couple of great design notes, like a light-up line that acts like a decal cue, or rotation marker. As a aspect observe, because it’s affixed to a floor, there’s additionally the quirky showiness of having the ability to hang a piece of vinyl with a Phase transmitter within the air, without it touching the rest, and rotate it to create scratching noises.

The corporate says the Phase transmitters must last as long as 10 hours on a rate, and they’re operating to extend the battery existence even additional. Phase must be to be had to buy this summer time for round $300.

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