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Travel Tips From Comedians: Tom Segura

The comic Tom Segura doesn’t essentially like touring, however he is aware of what works for him, and it doesn’t contain fancy outfits (although sleep mask do come into play).

“I see people glammed up and it’s like, dude, you should dress like a fugitive when you get on a flight,” Mr. Segura, whose newest comedy particular, “Disgraceful” is now streaming on Netflix, mentioned. “You should make travel as comfortable as possible.”

He does, although, have his limits on informal put on — extra on that beneath. And you additionally need to be ready to react to folks’s movements, he mentioned, which is the place the sleep masks is available in.

“On early a.m. flights there’s always one jackass who still wants to watch the sun rise and then stare into it for the next five hours,” Mr. Segura mentioned. “Meanwhile, everyone in the whole cabin has their window shade down and it’s dark but there’s that one guy. So now I just put on a sleep mask.”

Traveling with kids is an entire more thing. Mr. Segura and his spouse — fellow humorist Christina Pazsitzky — become first-time oldsters in Dec. 2015.

“Traveling with kids is tough. My best advice is don’t do it,” Mr. Segura mentioned.

But if you haven't any selection, he has ideas on that too and extra observations on tips on how to make go back and forth extra bearable.

Checking a Bag Is for Rookies

I’m indisputably a jaded traveler however you attempt to make the most efficient of what you realize in regards to the enjoy. Like, I know the way to pack a bag. I do know that checking a bag is for newcomers. I do know that for those who’re in a high-traffic time going into a big airport — I reside in L.A., so at L.A.X. — you wish to have to be dropped off at arrivals, now not at departures. There’s much less site visitors there and you'll run over to departures briefly. So it’s the little issues that you simply select up at the manner.

Have Some Self Awareness

Begin with in all probability masking your torso. Have you noticed pictures of the way other folks traveled on planes within the ’60s? Coat and tie was once the usual. I’m now not suggesting all of us return to that however for God’s sake do you in reality wish to put on a tank most sensible? Put on some deodorant and upload a blouse for those who don’t intellect.

I am getting that most of the people aren’t going to be served meals on a flight however the quantity of other folks with 0 regard for his or her fellow guy is fantastic. People convey all varieties of meals onboard and through the odor of it, it wasn’t intended to be fed on. Tuna melts, pastrami, curry and just about all rapid meals has what can best be described as a stench in a confined area. It’s mind-blowing how looked at and thoughtless such a lot of persons are of the opposite passengers. Dude, devour that rubbish ahead of we board so the remainder of us don’t must spend the following 4 hours nauseated as a result of you'll’t plan out your meal instances like an grownup.

If You Must Travel With Kids, Bring Help

Leave your children at the back of and take your commute, that might be my No. 1 tip. The 2d factor to do is, if you'll, convey lend a hand. Whether it’s a pal, a nanny, a relative, whoever you'll convey with you to lend a hand out. I’ve by no means executed it on my own so I’ve simply been lucky sufficient to at all times have some lend a hand with me. Without it, I feel I might be freaking out. I’m now not constructed to try this.

Do Whatever It Takes to Sleep Well

It’s all about getting nice sleep. I’ve even long past so far as asking them for duct tape and I’ve taped that area, that hole that we could in gentle. In Canada one time, I advised the fellow, “yeah man, you know, I keep trying to block out the light” and so they despatched up the engineer and he’s like, “what are you doing?” I mentioned, “I want it to be blacked out, man, so I can sleep.” And he is going, “oh I can staple it.” And I’m like, “you want to staple it to your own walls?” He was once like, “yeah, sure.” And I used to be like, “I think you’re getting fired this week.”

Sleep is essential for a comic book — adore it is for a large number of other folks. But now and again we’re getting up at loopy hours. So I at all times ask for a lodge room now not close to the elevator. And I at all times ask for one thing now not close to the bottom stage. And relying at the magnificence of lodge there’s little methods like for those who inform them you've got medication they’ll put a refrigerator to your room. Like, I don’t have any medication however I nonetheless need a refrigerator.

How to Find the Best Restaurant in a Small City

If you ask someone in the neighborhood the place a great place is, they’ll incessantly take you to love a bar with hen hands. And you wish to have to be like, “what is wrong with you?” But you comprehend it’s identical to what that individual is aware of. So the way in which you in finding out the most efficient eating place in any town is cross, “where do rich people eat?,” or, “where do people go for graduations and anniversaries.” It sucks that you need to word it that manner since you sound pretentious nevertheless it’s the one manner.

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