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Trump donates first-quarter salary to infrastructure rebuilding

President Trump is donating his first-quarter salary to the Department of Transportation to lend a hand with their techniques to rebuild infrastructure, the White House mentioned Tuesday.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao accredited the test from White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The president’s annual salary is $400,000; he has donated earlier exams to problems together with the opioid disaster and the National Park Service.

Mrs. Chao mentioned infrastructure “is the backbone of our economy.” Mr. Trump unveiled a $1.five trillion plan for rebuilding roads and bridges Monday, in line with $200 billion of federal investment over a decade.

“The president’s proposal will create new jobs, strengthen our economy and improve the quality of life for everyone,” she mentioned.

Getting complete investment for this system is a huge query. Asked about elevating the federal fuel tax of 18.four. cents in step with gallon, Mrs. Chao mentioned the president “has not declared anything out of bounds.”

But she mentioned elevating the fuel tax “is not ideal” as it has a “very regressive impact” on lower-income electorate.

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