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US high schools continue to drop ‘Redskins’ mascot

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) - At Cooperstown Junior/Senior High School in New York, in the course of a divisive group debate amongst scholars, school and alumni, the varsity board voted in 2013 to retire its longtime mascot, the Redskins.

At Chowchilla High School and 3 different high schools in California, the verdict on whether or not to stay the usage of Redskins was once taken out in their arms when Gov. Jerry Brown signed the California Racial Mascots Act into legislation in 2015.

And at Belding High School in Michigan, oldsters voiced considerations a few pupil T-shirt they seen as beside the point, beginning a procedure that led to a unanimous faculty board vote a bit greater than a yr in the past to make Belding probably the most newest schools to shed its use of the nickname.

“It was a skull with a headdress on,” Belding Principal Michael Ostrander stated of the T-shirt. “Rather offensive.”

At least 13 U.S. high schools have stopped the usage of Redskins as their mascot since 2013, a 20 % drop since Capital News Service first reported at the development of high schools changing the debatable moniker.

At the tip of 2017, a minimum of 49 high schools in 20 states nonetheless used the nickname that some other folks believe a racist slur towards Native Americans, Capital News Service discovered, down from a minimum of 93 earlier than 1990. A complete of 41 high schools had dropped the title, whilst every other 3 closed or merged with every other faculty that used a unique mascot.

In a few of the ones communities the place the title remains to be used, like La Veta High School in Colorado, there are lively conversations about converting it. In others, like Loudon High School in Tennessee, the title is some extent of pleasure with little dialogue about converting it, Capital News Service discovered.

“(People in the community) feel that it’s not necessarily derogatory or a negative impression,” Loudon Director of Schools Jason Vance stated.

While the talk over the title of the Washington Redskins has subsided on the nationwide stage since 2013, conversations continue in lots of communities that use the title at native high schools. Capital News Service’s overview, which led to December 2017, discovered:

—All 4 schools suffering from the California Racial Mascots Act have shed the title, however scholars and school lobbied towards the invoice earlier than it handed and feature saved the title alive of their communities since.

—The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission’s felony department was once searching for to block the usage of the title at Neshaminy High School in Pennsylvania, the web site of a fight over the usage of the title within the faculty’s pupil newspaper.

—Native American teams across the nation were influential in sparking trade at a handful of schools, together with Red Lodge High School in Montana and Goshen High School in Indiana.

—When the superintendent of Teton High School in Idaho introduced unilaterally in 2013 he would trade the varsity’s title, he withdrew the plan within the face of a group backlash.

—At some schools that experience retired the mascot, like Port Townsend High School in Washington and Belding High School in Michigan, converting scoreboards, health club flooring and athletic uniforms value tens of hundreds of greenbacks.

As the NFL staff discovered its endured use of the title underneath assault in 2013, it ignited a public family members effort during which it promoted high schools that still used the title. In 2014, staff proprietor Dan Snyder introduced the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation, a non-public charity that helps Native American teams. One of the beneficiaries is Red Mesa High School, a faculty on an Arizona Navajo reservation that makes use of the title and has been featured at the basis’s website online.

The franchise has spent a minimum of part 1,000,000 bucks on a lobbying company selling the root’s paintings to Congress since 2014, Capital News Service discovered. The lobbying effort started round the similar time that 50 Democratic U.S. senators signed a letter urging the National Football League to inspire Snyder to trade the staff’s title.

The NFL staff additionally posted press releases on its website online selling high schools that endured to use the title. One article in February 2013, specializing in Lamar High School in Houston, was once titled “Lamar: ‘Once A Redskin, Always A Redskin’” and quoted the varsity’s soccer trainer as announcing, “For this school to be called anything else would seem extremely strange.”

Ironically, on the finish of that yr, the Houston Independent School District voted to ban schools from the usage of Native American nicknames and mascots. In 2014, Lamar become the Texans.

Tony Wyllie, a senior vice chairman and the executive spokesman for the NFL staff, didn't reply to repeated requests for remark at the development of schools losing the title, the staff’s lobbying actions or the paintings of the Original Americans basis.

The franchise’s efforts appear to have labored. Since 2013, requires the NFL staff to trade its title and nationwide media protection of the talk have subsided - whilst different racially charged problems have moved to the entrance of nationwide awareness.

The removing of the nickname on the high faculty stage is simply as essential to Native American activists because the NFL staff’s title, stated Suzan Shown Harjo, president of The Morning Star Institute, a local rights advocacy group.

“With the dreadful title of the Washington NFL franchise that has been shared through many, many schools too, what they’re doing is selecting up the very worst factor we will be able to be referred to as within the English language,” Harjo stated.

One faculty that hasn’t modified is Red Mesa, an Arizona faculty with an overwhelmingly Native American pupil frame and a beneficiary of greater than $200,000 in donations from the Original Americans Foundation.

Red Mesa is certainly one of 3 U.S. schools with majority-Native American pupil our bodies that use the title, Capital News Service discovered.

The basis arrange a ordinary summer time soccer camp for the varsity starting in 2015. Retired Washington Redskin gamers, together with kicker Mark Moseley and linebacker Ravin Caldwell, have been amongst “legend” gamers to function instructors on the camps, in accordance to a press unencumber. The basis held 10 adolescence soccer camps throughout “Indian country” in the summertime of 2017, in accordance to its website online.

In October 2014, the Washington NFL staff performed an away recreation towards the Arizona Cardinals. Washington invited native Native Americans to the sport as their visitors, together with scholars and school from Red Mesa High School.

In 2013, Red Mesa’s then-superintendent Tommie Yazzie advised Capital News Service that he believed Native American schools like Red Mesa may use the title, however it could be “inappropriate” in a space “where the population is basically white, unless there is a cultural connection.”

But Yazzie, a Navajo, made transparent that individuals on his reservation had larger considerations than white-majority schools the usage of the title.

Yazzie left the process a yr and a part in the past and Kim Pearce succeeded him as superintendent.

In an interview with Capital News Service in November, Pearce described the connection between the NFL staff and Red Mesa as “friendly,” including that he didn’t know the overall extent of the staff’s strengthen for the varsity.

To his wisdom, the staff didn't require Red Mesa to stay the title as a situation of strengthen, he stated.

The donations Red Mesa won have been a part of the root’s multi-million greenback effort to strengthen Native American teams. The Original Americans Foundation spent $three.7 million in fiscal yr 2014, however contributions to teams declined to $1.6 million in fiscal 2015, in accordance to IRS information. (Records for fiscal yr 2016 weren't to be had at time of e-newsletter.)

Though general donations declined, Red Mesa High School’s percentage of the pie grew between 2014 and 2015. The faculty permitted greater than $215,000 from the root in 2015 after receiving simply $10,000 the yr earlier than.

Foundation representatives didn't go back a number of telephone calls and emails soliciting for remark at the decline in contributions between 2014 and 2015, nor did they reply to a request for details about 2016 donations.

“The foundation gave $1.6 million in products and services to Indian lands where the most people can be accommodated,” a basis spokesman advised the Washington Post in April. “As we hone the mission of the foundation, we will continue to try to find areas that have the highest impacts. .?.?. Sometimes it’s how you give and not how much.”

The basis promotes its courting with Red Mesa on its website online. The faculty is the one beneficiary that looks to use the phrase “Redskins” in an legitimate capability.

The different Navajo-majority high faculty the root supported, Monument Valley in Utah, is going through the Cougars. The faculty upgraded its soccer apparatus with the root’s grant. Quite a lot of tribes and countries, in addition to the Utah Division of Indian Affairs and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children additionally permitted donations.

Team proprietor Dan Snyder created the Original Americans Foundation in March 2014, as the talk over his staff’s use of the title peaked. The basis works to “provide resources that offer genuine opportunities for Tribal communities,” in accordance to its website online.

At its inception, Snyder wrote a letter to the staff’s enthusiasts announcing he had visited 26 Tribal reservations in 20 states and become satisfied of the will for the root.

“The more I heard, the more I’ve learned, and the more I saw, the more resolved I became about helping to address the challenges that plague the Native American community,” Snyder stated in his letter. “In speaking face-to-face with Native American leaders and community members, it’s plain to see they need action, not words.”

The introduction of the Original Americans Foundation didn't quiet detractors of the staff’s title. Many Native teams have stated they refused to settle for cash from the root, in accordance to the Washington Post. Some teams prompt Snyder’s motives have been disingenuous.

“We’re glad that after a decade of owning the Washington team, Mr. Snyder is finally interested in Native American heritage, and we are hopeful that when his team finally stands on the right side of history and changes its name, he will honor the commitments to Native Americans that he is making,” Oneida Indian Nation spokesman Ray Halbritter stated in a 2014 commentary.

In May 2014, two months after the root’s introduction, 50 U.S. senators signed a letter to the NFL urging the league to inspire Snyder to trade the staff’s title.

“The National Football League can not forget about this and perpetuate the usage of the title as the rest however what it's: racial slur,” the letter from the senators stated. “It is time for the National Football League to officially strengthen and push for a reputation trade for the Washington soccer staff.”

The staff combated that sentiment on Capitol Hill with a lobbying marketing campaign to advertise the root’s paintings. Since 2014, the company McGuireWoods Consulting has lobbied each the Senate and U.S. House of Representatives at the staff’s behalf, specializing in “discussions of team origins, history and traditions,” ”Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and adolescence sports activities” and “activities of Original Americans Foundation.”

The staff spent a minimum of $560,000 in this effort between 2014 and December 2017, in accordance to the congressional lobbying disclosure database.

Wyllie didn't reply to repeated requests for remark at the staff’s lobbying technique. McGuireWoods Consulting additionally may now not be reached for remark.

The NFL staff additionally defended the title through dedicating a part of the staff website online - now not the root’s web site - to selling sure protection about the usage of the title through each the Washington staff and through high schools. The phase is known as “Redskins Pride.”

The house web page hyperlinks to favorable public opinion polls at the matter in addition to information articles and op-eds with headlines like “Government Decided that ‘Redskins‘ Bothers You” and “Why ‘Redskins‘ Is Not a Bad Word.”

The internet web page’s content material does now not seem to were up to date since 2014. But when a 2016 Washington Post ballot discovered that 9 in 10 Native Americans weren’t angry through the phrase, Snyder stated in a commentary that the staff was once “gratified by this overwhelming support from the Native American community.”

Some Native Americans, like Harjo, query the validity of the Post ballot, although. Either method, its effects have performed a job in quieting down the nationwide dialogue, Harjo stated.

Snyder additionally defended the title in court docket. In reaction to a criticism lodged through Amanda Blackhorse and 4 different Native Americans, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled the NFL staff’s trademark of “Redskins” in 2014 underneath the Lanham Act, which prohibited emblems that may be seen as disparaging to any “persons, living or dead.” The staff appealed the verdict in federal court docket.

Last June, the Slants, an Asian-American rock band, gained a Supreme Court case that overturned the Lanham Act as an unconstitutional violation of freedom of speech. The 5 Native Americans difficult Snyder dropped its case later that month.

The public debate over the NFL staff’s title has reduced since 2013, simply as dialogue of alternative racial problems have change into extra outstanding in nationwide cultural conversations, from debates over eliminating statues of Confederate generals to African-American athletes kneeling in protest of police violence to the reenergized white supremacist motion.

This new center of attention can have taken one of the most highlight clear of Native subjects just like the Washington NFL staff’s title, stated Joe Watkins, a tribal liaison and anthropologist for the National Park Service, who stated he was once talking on his personal behalf, now not his employer.

“I think American Indian issues have, in many ways, again fallen to the background because of it,” stated Watkins, a member of the Choctaw Nation who in the past directed the University of Oklahoma’s Native American Studies program.

However, the renewed center of attention on racism in American lifestyles has simplest helped teams pushing for the NFL staff and high schools to drop the title, stated Joel Barkin, a spokesman for Change the Mascot, a Native American coalition.

“We are in different times than we were five years ago,” stated Barkin, additionally the vice chairman of communications of the Oneida Indian Nation. “You have to answer the question, which (the team) was never able to do, mind you: Would you call a Native person a Redskin to their face? It’s a very simple question, right? I’ve yet to hear anyone answer that question and answer ‘yes,’ publicly.”

As the once-national debate roils in native communities around the U.S., Native American activists like Harjo don't seem to be giving up their combat.

“The vast majority of our people care about this mightily and want an end to not only the Washington team name, but all of these references, because they’re just a target and a magnet for racism that turns against us as peoples,” Harjo stated.


To resolve the selection of U.S. high schools that use — or as soon as used — the mascot, Capital News Service used as a place to begin the information set we compiled in 2013 from our unique tale in this matter: “The Other Redskins.”

We additionally reviewed mascot data in numerous Internet databases, together with MaxPreps.com, a high faculty sports activities statistics website online, and MascotDB.com. We carried out focused searches in a database of reports tales from nationwide and native shops. And we scoured social platforms — together with Facebook and Twitter — to in finding schools we may have overlooked.

For each and every faculty, we made touch with a number of faculty representatives to resolve the accuracy of our data. We in most cases carried out those interviews through telephone, however some have been completed through e-mail. In the process reporting those tales, we carried out greater than 100 interviews with other folks in communities around the U.S. — scholars, principals, superintendents, lecturers, athletic administrators, alumni, Native American leaders, newspaper editors and others. We reached out to loads extra. We carried out our analysis between September and December 2017.

Our easiest skilled bet is that there are 49 high schools in 20 states that also use the nickname, down from a minimum of 93 earlier than 1990. A complete of 41 high schools used to use the title, however have stopped. And every other 3 have been the usage of the title once they closed or merged with every other faculty that used a unique mascot.

We simplest incorporated schools on our record that we have been ready to ascertain through talking with other folks able to know.

But we can not say with sure bet that we discovered each and every unmarried high faculty that makes use of — or as soon as used — the mascot.

Capital News Service newshounds Chris Rogers-Spatuzzi, Julia Karron, Chase Pyke, Daniel Chavkin, Lindsey Feingold, Josh Schmidt, Mollie Higgins, Gillian Vesely, Jake Gluck, Ana Hurler, India Hamilton, Zach Shapiro, Michael Brice-Saddler and Conner Hoyt contributed to this challenge.

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