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Windowframe has you solving puzzles by resizing the game’s window

It can also be tough to search out time to complete a online game, particularly if you handiest have a couple of hours per week to play. In our biweekly column Short Play, we recommend video video games that may be began and completed in a weekend.

Every 4 months there's an match known as Ludum Dare, the place contributors attempt to make an entire sport from scratch in 48 hours, in keeping with a specific theme. It’s a hard process for a bunch, let on my own a unmarried particular person, to get a sport to a completed state in that period of time. Often the very best video games from those jams have a tendency to be a distillation of a selected sport mechanic, plot level, or thought. Windowframe, made by Daniel Linssen all through the 35th Ludum Dare in 2015, is a brilliant instance of this, that specialize in one very particular and artful thought.

It’s a 2D puzzle platformer with a peculiar conceit: what if adjusting the dimension of the window the sport ran in altered the game’s atmosphere? Windowframe shall we you pin an fringe of the sport window in position by throwing a stake at it. Clicking and dragging on the stake in the window edge additionally shall we you shrink the window from that path.

When an edge is pinned with a stake it acts like an impassable barrier. For the left and proper edges, they turn into partitions that the participant can leap off of. Meanwhile, when the backside edge is staked, it acts as a ground permitting you to traverse over holes or spikes you couldn’t ahead of. And whilst the window edges are pinned, you’re ready to transport them in to make the window smaller, however now not out to cause them to better. You can unpin an edge by casting off your stake, however doing so eliminates they all, now not simply the particular stake you may need. It additionally doesn’t occur in an instant, as an alternative requiring you to carry the ‘R’ key for a couple of seconds whilst last desk bound. Only then are the stakes are got rid of.

This turns into a very powerful a part of the game’s stage and puzzle design. While you get started the sport with six stakes, greater than sufficient for all 4 window edges, you begin to lose them as you development — they usually’re long gone completely. Every few ranges you need to kill a vampire, and with every kill you lose one in all your valuable stakes.

Because of this, early in the sport you’ll really feel beautiful robust. You can toss round your stakes relatively willy-nilly, pinning all of the window edges whilst nonetheless having stakes to spare. But as you get additional into the sport — particularly when your stake provide dwindles to a few or fewer — the ranges turn into extra of a puzzle. Figuring out the ones puzzles slowly teaches you the nuances of the way to higher use the stakes, and by the time you are down to 1 stake you’ll really feel robust, however otherwise. Now you’ll have a better working out of the way to very best use your skills, even if you’re technically restricted at this level.

Windowframe, as a sport made in simply 48 hours, can have simply been a tech demo of a artful sport mechanic. Instead it’s a testomony to how vital stage, puzzle, and sport design running in combination can successfully train the participant, and make a in reality excellent sport.

Windowframe was once created by Daniel Linssen. You can get it on itch.io for pay what you need on Windows PCs. It takes about an hour or two to complete.

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